Upgrades at Vetspecs

July 2011: Vetspecs is commited to continual investment to provide your pets with state of the art therapies and superior disease modifying possibilites. Consistent with this philosophy, your clients and their pets now have access to four exciting upgrades.

The Synthes Air Pen Drive

Synthes are the leading global manufacturer of orthopaedic power tools. The Synthes Air Pen Drive is quite simply an engineering work of art. This investment will provide ultra-fine bone drilling and enhanced burring and cutting options for miniature and neurosurgical procedures. This system comes with a specialist long burr attachment for performing dorsal and lateral foramenotomies and lamenectomies with improved precision in larger dogs.

The Synthes Compact Air Drive II

Vetspecs has purchased additional attachments for our Synthes Compact Air Drive II. The Quick Coupling attachment allows for K-wire grip with a trigger function rather than with a slower key and chuck system to allow for increased surgical speed. An oscillating saw attachment also increases the options in our surgical symphony.

The Storz 2.4mm Arthroscope

We are now fortunate to have in our armoury a new 2.4mm arthroscope.  Much smaller than our current scope, it will allow key-hole surgery of the elbow, shoulder and stifle joints in small breed dogs; and hocks and carpi in larger breed dogs.  Compared to open surgery, key-hole surgery allows for improved joint visualisation, decreased patient morbidity and better long-term prognoses for many diseases.

The Goldway Vet420A Multimonitor

The surgical department now has a second multi-monitor.  This Goldway system has allowed for the surgical preperation area to be upgraded with the pre-existing monitoring equipment and the theatre suite now has the latest state-of-the-art device.  As well as having ECG capability, both areas can now utilise capnography, pulse-ox, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate and digital temperature all in one machine!

Whilst all of these investments come at a great financial cost to Vetspecs, the resulting benefits for your pets will far outweigh this. Vetspecs is grateful for all referring practices and owners for their continued support which helps make the highest level of specialist techniques available to New Zealanders.