New Merial Ancare/SVS Intern at Vetspecs

Dr Aparna Tikekar,  has been appointed as our new Intern.

1st May 2012

The 2012/2013 Merial Ancare SVS Intern

It is with immense pleasure that the team at Vetspecs welcomes, in May 2012, our Merial Ancare SVS Intern for the coming year, Dr Aparna Tikekar.

From early on in her life, Aparna has maintained a brilliant academic record.  After graduating from Bombay Veterinary College in 2003, Aparna worked at the Bombay SPCA hospital for two years while studying for a Masters degree in Veterinary Surgery. She then spent a year working at a wild animal rescue and rehabilitation centre in her home town of Pune, India. The desire to further enhance her skills motivated her to move to the UK where she spent two years seeing practice.  She obtained membership to the prestigious Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS) by passing the statutory membership examinations in June 2009. Following her time in the UK, Aparna spent a year in general practice in Singapore. Thereon, she moved to Palmerston North, New Zealand and completed a rotating internship at the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital from which she has obtained glowing references from both surgical and medical staff specialists. 

Aparna is a true citizen of the world.  She has a desire to practice in as many countries as possible before heading home for good. She has a passion for travelling and absorbing cultures into her work. In the future, Aparna aims to complete a surgical residency and become a specialist in small animal surgery in order to be able to achieve her dream of heading a referral surgical facility in India. Vetspecs is excited to be able to assist Aparna in fulfilling her admirable ambitions.

During her spare time, Aparna enjoys connecting with her friends spread across the planet, thanks to video conferencing! She recharges herself with cinema, music, cooking, painting and photography.  She dotes on her niece and nephew who are also her travelling companions when in India. On these short visits back home to India, she does as much charitable animal work as possible.