Merial/Ancare SVS Surgical Resident Update

Year Two  for Dr Aparna Tikekar

Learning the ways of the western surgical world before heading home to become the first small animal specialist in India and be a force of change in that vast country is an impressive goal. Year two of Aparna’s Vetspecs three-year residency surgical training program is well underway.

Aparna began her surgical training as an intern at Massey University. This was followed by another internship here at Vetspecs in Christchurch.  With the support of our sponsors Merical/Ancare and SVS, Vetspecs was able to follow her internship with a surgical residency program. Year One of Aparna’s program saw our surgeons focused on teaching her the science of surgery including evidence-based decision making, case management and common surgical procedures.  In her second year Aparna is now performing surgery herself under direct specialist supervision. She is fast becoming proficient at tibial tubersity advancement, Salter Harris fracture fixation and arthroscopy. Her year is now mapped out with externships at other specialist facilities including the Veterianry Specialist Group in Auckland and the University of Melbourne.

Aparna’s case management is fully thought through and well researched with evidence-based philosophy. Success at the Australia and New Zealand College of Veterinary Science membership exams in 2013 has led to an increased knowledge and confidence for Aparna while still maintaining the humble nature required to be working in a world where things can go beautifully wrong. The direction of knowledge has not been one way. Vetspecs is becoming increasingly understanding of Indian culture with frequent opportunities for tasting Indian cuisine and wise proverbs offered to enhance team members quality of life.

In 2014 Aparna will be gaining technical surgical confidence and is on the way to achieving her dream of bringing veterinary health expertise to the eastern world. We are proud to be part of one amazing woman's path to medical enlightenment.