Digital Radiology is Here!

March 2012:

It has been a very exciting last few weeks here at Vetspecs.  After more than two years of research, planning and advice from NZ and overseas experts, our new digital radiography equipment is up and running!

Digital radiography means no more chemical processing of films and it minimises patient exposures. We now have fast image acquisition times, post-exposure image enhancement, electronic image storage and direct digital access to patient information.  And it’s environmentally friendly!

We decided on Fuji’s computed radiography (CR) system.  CR has several advantages; not least of all is the ability to continue using our current Bucky table and x-ray generator.  This affords us with future flexibility, including allowing for intra-operative radiography.  

The Fuji Company was the first to bring CR into the clinical world so their experience with this technology is impressive.  Opinions from other specialists around the world utilising Fuji are pleasing and Fuji’s support and training is exemplary.  Our staff have worked hard applying their existing radiography skills and learning new ones under Fuji’s dedicated guidance.

The images are stored and managed using state-of-the-art Omnivue PACS software supported by a Christchurch-based professional IT company, User Friendly Computing.

We are proud to be able to offer our patients and clients the latest in clinical diagnostic technologies.