Board Certification for Dr Brent Higgins


Vetspecs is very pleased to announce that Dr Brent Higgins passed the European College of Veterinary Surgeons (ECVS) board examinations in January 2011. 

Board certification is one of the highest levels of post-graduate qualification and board status is only achieved after an extensive period of case work, research and study.

Board certification automatically qualifies Brent for Specialist Registration in New Zealand and the appropriate paper work is being processed by the Veterinary Council.  We are sure the veterinary profession will join the Vetspecs team in congratulating Brent on a fine effort.  Less than half of the candidates for the surgery boards pass at the first attempt and we appreciate the amount of hard work that Brent has put in.  The pets, pet owners and referring veterinarians of the South Island will benefit from Vetspecs having two Specialist surgeons working together, with Brent and Dr Helen Milner forming a formidable team.